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July 1, 2003

Mr. Robert Kelley

Blue Mist

9315 Northgate Blvd., Apt. 128

Austin, Texas 78758

Dear Robert:

Outstanding performance! Thank you and all the Blue Mist members for putting on such a great show at my wife’s surprise birthday party at the Houston Petroleum Club. Everyone loved the music and had a great time dancing and partying to the sound of your band. Several people from other parties at the club came over to our party just to hear the music and they all wanted to know the name of the band and kept saying "those guys are good!"

I enjoyed working with you and look forward to hearing Blue Mist again soon. Thanks again.

Best regards,

Timothy M. Roberson


(713) 655-1195 Fax (713) 655-1197

Nine Greenway Plaza, Suite 3040, Houston, Texas 77046

Lance Armstrong Foundation

June 27, 2003

Robert Kelly

Blue Mist

9315 Northgate Blvd.

Suite 128

Austin, Texas 78758

Dear Mr. Kelly,

The Lance Armstrong Foundation was blessed with the outstanding musical performance of your band at our 2002 Winter Holiday party. You kept the crowd on their feet and full of bliss. Your charismatic performance was definitely memorable for all of our guests.

We greatly appreciated your professionalism and musicianship. You made our event complete. We look forward to having you play for us in the future.


Kim Taylor

Coalition of Texans with Disabilities

May 8, 2003

To whom this may concern;

The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities (CTD) is a 25 year old statewide cross disability advocacy organization. As a non profit organization serving five million Texans with disabilities, CTD often has need for entertainment at our fundraising and recognition events.

Three years ago, CTD was looking for a band to play at our annual scholarship awards ceremony. The Kenny Murgia Scholarship is named after one of Texas’ youngest disability advocates, who passed away at the age of eleven. While speaking with Kenny’s mother about music for the event, she suggested we hire this "really great band" called Blue Mist. We did, and upon hearing Blue Mist play for the first time, I and my coworkers were hooked! Their diverse mix of blues, funk, and Motown tunes rocked the house and kept everyone well entertained!

Since that time, we have hired Blue Mist to play at a number of other CTD sponsored events, including the recent Official Team Everest ’03 Welcome Home Party, which celebrated a historic trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp by our team of individuals with disabilities. As always, we and our guests (ages 10-70!) were duly impressed by both their talent and professionalism.

When we advertise that Blue Mist will be playing one of our events, we are assured that attendance will be good – we know that anyone who has heard Blue Mist play before will definitely be back. So, when it comes time for CTD to hire a musical act for our statewide events, there is simply no discussion necessary. The Coalition of Texans with Disabilities highly recommends Blue Mist to any one who is looking to have an amazingly talented and professional band play at their event. Our only concern in writing this letter is that now everyone else will find out what a hit they are and keep them too busy to play our events!

Robert and all of the members of Blue Mist Band: CTD would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to for your talent and support of disability related issues. You’re the best!


Jodi Park

Projects Coordinator

David & Kristin Mehok

1300 Woodlawn B103

Austin TX 78703

May 11, 2001

Robert Kelly and the Blue Mist band,

Dave and I would like to thank you and the Blue Mist band for making our wedding memorable for us as well as all of our guests. We can’t tell you how many people have complimented on what a great band we had at the wedding and many of them wanted to know "where we found you?" Everyone had a great time and we were glad to see that not many people were left sitting. Although we were on our carriage ride, we came back to many great stories of the dancing and festivities that took place while we were gone, including numerous encore calls for Blue Mist. Dave and I are so thankful for the opportunity to have Blue Mist play at our wedding and we are honored that our guests tell us everyday "that was the best wedding I have ever been to!" We have referred your name out to many other couples planning weddings in hopes that they can enjoy your wonderful band as much as we did. We look forward to many more of your performances in Austin. Please let us know if we can provide any references in the future.

Thank you for a great wedding!

Kristin and David Mehok

The City of Waco Recreation Department

August 11, 1999 Robert Kelly BLUE MIST 9315 Northgate Blvd #128 Austin, Texas 78758 Dear Mr. Kelly, The City of Waco Recreation Department would like to thank you for your involvement with the 1999 Brazos Nights Concert Series. The event was a great success. Brazos Nights provided a fun and exciting way for Central Texans to spend their beautiful summer evenings. Thanks so much for being an entertainer at Brazos Nights. Your artistic ability and hard work was greatly appreciated by the spectators as well as our staff. We hope that your time spent at Brazos Nights was enjoyable and rewarding. Sincerely,       Heather Ray Special Events Coordinator  Special Events Administrator! Marketing Director P.O. Box 2570 Waco, Texas 76702 (817) 750-5980 




February 15, 1999

Blue Mist

Mr. Robert Kelly

9315 Northgate Blvd. #128

Austin, Texas 78758

Dear Robert,

On behalf of the Texas Inaugural Committee, we would like to thank you for your involvement in the 1999 Texas Inaugural festivities. Your talented group did a spectacular job and your efforts definitely made Texas proud!

We greatly appreciate your help. Without it, the festivities would not have been possible.

Thank you again for helping make the 1999 Inauguration such a success. We extend our best wishes to you and continued success in your Future endeavors.

Dennis Grubb inauguration Producer President, Wemus Entertainment

Music Television


September 22, 1998.

Dear Blue Mist,

Congratulations! You are one of the forty-six people that were chosen to be in the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards book. These books were left on each chair at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, California to be read and taken home by everyone who came to the event. Thanks in part to your participation, this year’s guide was a huge hit among contenders, attendants, and everyone involved in the Video Music Awards.

We thank you very much for the time and total enthusiasm that you gave this project. We appreciate the fact that you let us into your lives and told us your stories. You helped all of us in the music industry remember why we got into this business in the first place.

Thank you again, and keep rockin’! Sincerely,

Jeffrey Keyton

Stacy Drummond

Tracy Boychuk

Micheal McLaughlin

Edens Snodgrass Nichols & Breelan




512 505-5900

AUSTIN, TEXAS  May 8, 1997


Mr. Robert Kelley

Blue Mist

Dear Robert:

Thank you and the other members of Blue Mist for your outstanding performance at our daughter's recent wedding reception. We loved the music and have received countless compliments from many people who attended and asked Who was that band? They were great!. The music appealed to the youngsters and us old folks alike and the dance floor was consistently filled with people from both age groups having a terrific time. Thanks again for making the reception a memorable event. I hope we have the chance to hear you more in the future.

Verry truly yours,

Roy C. Snodgrass III 



OFFICERS;  President

Ken Capps. President-Elect

Debra Shankle. Secretary

James Allen. TREASURER

March 13, 1997

Mr. Robert Kelley

Blue Mist

9315 Northgate #128

Austin, TX 78758

Dear Robert:

Great show! On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Dallas Texas Exes, I would like to thank you and Blue Mist for your tremendous performance at our annual Texas Independence Day party and fund-raiser. An Austintacious Evening is being hailed as our best spring party ever  and Blue Mist is one of the key reasons why the event was such a huge success. Your energy, enthusiasm and extensive play list kept the crowd dancing and having fun throughout the night. Your professionalism is also very much appreciated, and we will keep you in mind for performances in Austin, Dallas or wherever we need a top-notch band! Look forward to working with you again in the future.

Capps President

Dallas Texas Exes 1997-1998 Co-Chairman Get Teed Off at OU Golf Classic

George Packham, Barton Creek Conference Resort

". . . we were very pleased with their performance, professionalism and the tremendous response of the audience. Their appearance was the most well received show at our club since we began our live entertainment program and we would recommend "Blue Mist" very highly".

George Packham, Barton Creek Conference Resort

Cecelia Moore, Four Seasons Hotel

". . . I'd like to express our sincere thanks for the wonderful music your band provided at our staff Christmas Party. When planning this party last month, I was overwhelmed by the number of staff who's main concern was whether "Blue Mist" would be playing once again. This is a clear indication of the following you have here due to your bands' incredible talent".

Cecelia Moore, Four Seasons Hotel

Kenneth Giles, Austin American Statesman

"On-The -Move Blue Mist Blows In With Seasoned Sounds"

Kenneth Giles, Austin American Statesman

Sue Foss, Tavern Programming

"The band Blue Mist. . . has performed on several different occasions in the University of Texas' Texas Tavern. During all of those events. . . their performances are attended by good size crowds. . . the band has always displayed excellent musicianship".

Sue Foss, Tavern Programming

Douglas Shea, Booking Agent and Manager

". . . Robert has worked very hard to develop his band, and to build a good following for it. Robert has a solid reputation in the Austin music community for being reliable and professional in his work, honest in his dealings, and a very friendly person, as well".

Douglas Shea, Booking Agent and Manager

City Council Member Charles Urdy, City of Austin

"It is very rare that one has the pleasure to be exposed to such a talented group as the Blue Mist Band. . . Not only has the Blue Mist Band performed in clubs around Austin, they have also participated in many social and political functions in the community. . . I strongly recommend this talented and professional musical group".

City Council Member Charles Urdy, City of Austin